What is it?

It is an on-line web application for sending SMS messages and managing a LabsMobile account.

In the WebSMS application you can manage all services such as credit recharging, statistics or delivery results, preferences, contacts calendar, billing, etc.

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  • Sending methods

  • Basic manual sending

    Sending methods - Basic manual sending

    Sending basic or manual messages consists of entering numbers one by one or copying them from an application or file. The messaging form then helps to select other fields like the sender, text, time and day etc.

  • Sending messages from your address book

    Sending methods - Sending messages from your address book

    Bulk messages and campaigns can be sent from databases or lists previously uploaded into the application. Select one or several databases, lists or groups to carry out a bulk messaging operation. It is also possible to select or deselect numbers from the list one by one.

  • Sending messages from an uploaded file

    Sending methods - Sending messages from an uploaded file

    To complete a bulk messaging operation directly from a file, import a CSV file or Excel with a set of messages, one per line. Every line should contain all the data required to complete the messaging operation: the telephone number, text, recipient and date/time of sending.

  • Text templates

    Sending methods - Text templates

    Templates for the message text are useful for sending the same or similar messages on a regular basis. These templates can be managed (created, modified or deleted) and can also be selected in any messaging form.

  • Scheduled sendings

    Sending methods - Scheduled sendings

    In any messaging form you can select the day and time of sending, and program any individual messages sent and bulk messaging campaigns. In the Programmed tab you can see information on all pending bulk messaging operations and those that have already been completed.

  • Deferred campaigns

    This service consists of sending bulk messages gradually and progressively. You can choose a time interval and how many messages to send at each interval. You can therefore keep the number of recipients steady over a period of time.

  • Personalized sender name

    Sending methods - Personalized sender name

    The sender name of an SMS message can be personalized. You can enter a new sender name through any of the messaging forms. You can also set up default sender name, and the application will save past sender names and suggest them for future bulk messaging operations. This feature is not permitted on some networks or in some countries.

  • Messages with personalized fields

    Sending methods - Messages with personalized fields

    Bulk messages can also be personalized so that a different message is sent to each sender. After importing the information from the database, mark the variables in the text of the message. The application will then substitute the information according to the recipient, who will receive a personalized message.

  • Concatenated messages

    Sending methods - Concatenated messages

    A standard SMS contains 160 characters, but it is possible to send longer messages. All the messaging forms allow for this functionality and keep the user informed of how many characters have been used and the number of credits each bulk messaging operation is going to use up.

  • Unicode messages

    Sending methods - Unicode messages

    Standard SMS messages can only contain characters from the GSM alphabet. Instead, Unicode SMS messages allow users to send any character or symbol, but they have to be slightly shorter. This service can be activated and utilized in any section or sending form.

  • Certified messages

    Sending methods - Certified messages

    Certified SMS messages are communications which send a PDF document detailing the content of an SMS and certifies that it has been sent. This document has legal admissibility for any official administrative process or in front of a court of law.

How much does it cost?

The WebSMS application is free.

All users registered with LabsMobile have unlimited access to WebSMS.

How can I activate it?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • After signing up, you will receive a username and password to access the WebSMS application.
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