What is it?

It is an on-line web application for sending SMS messages and managing a LabsMobile account.

In the WebSMS application you can manage all services such as credit recharging, statistics or delivery results, preferences, contacts calendar, billing, etc.

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  • Results and statistics

  • Monitoring sent messages

    Results and statistics - Monitoring sent messages

    Once a message or a campaign has been sent, it is possible to look at the status of these messages real time. You can filter messages by multiple fields (date/time of sending, recipient, telephone number, text etc.).

  • Exporting lists of messages

    Results and statistics - Exporting lists of messages

    By selecting a campaign or set of sent messages, you can export the list of messages with all the accompanying information into a CSV file. The export can be filtered by multiple fields (date/time of sending, recipient, telephone number, text etc.).

  • Confirming the day/time of delivery

    Results and statistics - Confirming the day/time of delivery

    One key feature of SMS is delivery confirmation. This confirmation (including date/time) is generated by operators when the message has been sent correctly to the recipient's device.

  • Detailed description of errors

    Results and statistics - Detailed description of errors

    SMS that have not been sent correctly generate an error message. Errors can be due to incorrect input information or telephone number, or due to an issue with the GSM network. The corresponding error is shown in the application alongside a detailed description of what happened, and the moment in which the error was generated.

  • Sent message statistics

    Results and statistics - Sent message statistics

    Statistics include reports, graphics and data analysis on a set of messages. These statistics allow you to know if a bulk messaging operation or campaign has been successfully completed and if it has achieved its objectives.

  • Click statistics

    Results and statistics - Click statistics

    Specific statistics on the clicks on links show the results of a bulk messaging operation or campaign in more detail. These statistics analyze all the information obtained from the click and also show which recipients have clicked and how many times. This last piece of information is very useful for segmenting recipients by customer loyalty or interest in the product or service.

  • Direct access to campaigns

    Results and statistics - Direct access to campaigns

    All bulk messaging considered to be a campaign is grouped automatically in the WebSMS application. You can instantly access lists, errors, results and statistics of every campaign, and can repeat any campaign with modifications to any field.

  • Comparing campaigns

    Using WebSMS it is possible to compare the success of two campaigns by generating reports on the delivery and tracking indicators of each one. You can therefore carry out A/B testing by changing unique aspects of each campaign, thereby refining your methods and improving results.

How much does it cost?

The WebSMS application is free.

All users registered with LabsMobile have unlimited access to WebSMS.

How can I activate it?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • After signing up, you will receive a username and password to access the WebSMS application.
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