Sendings and campaigns with unsubscribe method

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This tutorial explains how to include a download method in SMS messages sent from the WebSMS application and how user data is updated.


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Access the sending form

Enter any sending form (Send basic, Send to agenda or Send from file) from your account menu. Here you will see all the available options along with the contextual help of each field.


Add the unsubscribe link

At the moment of composing the text of the message you can Add the unsubscribe link. This link is associated with a form where the recipient can add his phone and unsubscribe.


Consult the Blacklist

In the section AGENDA - Blacklist you will be able to see and modify the users who have unsubscribed. The users that appear in the Blacklist will never receive any message.


Clean contact groups

In the AGENDA - Groups section you can Clear the contact groups to discard those numbers that are in the Blacklist of the account.


Add the unsubscribe method in the landing

If the sending includes a landing we advise adding the unsubscribe method in the landing. Any link, image or button can be linked to the unsubscribe form and can be selected from the Links options or actions within the Editor landing.

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