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This tutorial will explain how to send your first SMS messages from a new account using the basic and manual sending form.

Watch the video tutorial Send your first message


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Request your welcome pack

To get test credits, first enter your Invoicing details. It is important to enter all your information correctly so our team can validate your account.


Check that you have credit

Before sending anything, make sure that you have enough credit next to the Messages tab on the main menu. If you don’t have enough credit, you can Buy credits by credit card or bank transfer.


Access the sending form

Click on SEND SMS – Basic send from your account. Here you’ll see the sending form with all the available options, as well as the help icons for each field.


Recipient telephone numbers

Enter the telephone numbers of the recipients, one per line. The numbers should include the country dialing code and contain only digits (without symbols such as + and parenthesis etc.).


Message and sender

The next step is to modify the sender (maximum 11 characters) and compose the text of the message. Remember that the maximum length of a standard SMS is 160 characters, and it can contain links.


Schedule the messages

The last field allows you to select the day and time you want to send the messages. If you leave this field blank, the messages will sent immediately.


Confirm and send

Lastly, click the Send button. Confirm after checking the summary of all the details of the sending operation (numbers, message, recipients, day/time etc.).


Results and sending status

You can consult and export data on sent messages and their statuses (sent, processed, delivered or error) under the Monitoring and Statistics tab.

Watch the video tutorial Send your first message

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