Results of your sendings or SMS campaigns

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This tutorial explains how to obtain statistics results or reports of SMS sendings made from a WebSMS account.


Log into your WebSMS account

Access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Filter messages

Go to the MONITORING option in your account menu. Enter the dates or information that identifies the messages you want to check.


Check the status of your messages

Click on Search and you will see the list of SMS messages with all the related data (sender, destination mobile number, message, credits, date of sending, date of status update) and the status of the message:

  • - Processed: the LabsMobile platform has received and processed the message.
  • - Sent: the message has been sent to the GSM network.
  • - Test: test message.
  • - Duplicate: duplicate message blocked by the anti-duplicate filter.
  • - Delivered: message confirmed as delivered by the telephone operators.
  • - Expired: message that could not be delivered in the established period (normally 72 hours).
  • - Rejected: message rejected by the operator.
  • - Non-deliverable: message not delivered by incorrect number, incident, etc.


View click tracking

In the filter form of MONITORING you can activate the display of click data by activating the Search type to Clicks or adding the data of the clicks in the list of messages modifying the Fields to show in results (Information of each click).


Exports the data

In the message list (MONITORING - results) you can export all data to a CSV file compatible with any version of Excel. Thus any study or complementary transformation can be carried out in the results.


Get the statistics report

Enter the option STATISTICS - Messages from the menu of your account. Enter the dates or information that identifies the messages that will be part of the statistics. Press Show or Print and you'll access the statistics report.


Access your campaigns easily

In the case of multiple sendings or campaigns (more than one recipient) you can go to the CAMPAIGNS section. From here you can directly access the results of MONITORING and STATISTICS - Messages.


Create new groups or campaigns

Depending on the results of a campaign or sending we recommend importing new groups (AGENDA - Import file) and increase the effectiveness of futures sendings. It is also recommended to Clear the contact groups in the AGENDA - Groups section. The group will be updated with errors and successes of previous campaigns.

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