Import your phone database

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This tutorial explains how to import your database of telephones to the LabsMobile WebSMS platform.

Watch the video tutorial Import your phone database


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Access the import form

Enter the option AGENDA - Import file from the menu of your account. Here you can import a file with all the necessary data for subsequent sendings or campaigns.


Download the template

Download a template (in Excel format) from the bottom of the page and complete it with information from your database. Enter just one recipient per line, with a name, telephone number, and any other information you want to include.


Group name

Identify the recipients you are importing into the database with a group name. You can select, send and manage your database using this group name.


Select file

Once the template file has been completed (Excel or CSV) with all the telephone numbers and additional information, drag and drop the data into the form, or click and select the file.


Optional parameters

During the import, you can eliminate duplicate telephone numbers as well as delete all previous records so that just the imported numbers are available.


Confirm import

To finalize the import, click on Import and confirm the operation. Once the process is complete, you will see the total number of entries successfully imported.


See imported telephone numbers

You can see all the groups of contacts in your account under AGENDA – Groups. To see the details of each entry click on each group name.

Watch the video tutorial Import your phone database

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