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This tutorial explains how to resolve any doubt or incident from a user of the LabsMobile platform.


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Enable contextual help

You can activate or deactivate the contextual help in forms going to the top menu in the option Support - Help. This contextual help is very helpfull on any screen of the application. It gives information about the usefulness of the field, the possible values ​​and examples of possible values.


Visit the different tutorials

If you have any questions or want to expand the benefits of your campaigns you can check the tutorials published on our website. You also have at your disposal the marketing articles of our blog.


Create a ticket

If you still have doubts or an incident has occurred, you can create a ticket in the Support Center. Our technicians will answer and resolve any issue in the shortest possible time. You can also create a ticket by sending an email to support at

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