Create a personalized SMS sending

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This tutorial explains how to send SMS messages to a mobile phone database by customizing the message text with variables.


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Access the import form

Enter the option AGENDA - Import file from the menu of your account. Here you can import a file with all the necessary data for subsequent sendings or campaigns.


Download the template

In the lower part you can download a template (in Excel format) that you must complete with your database. Each line is a record that consists of name, phone number and other information. This file must contain all the additional data (in the columns on the left) that will be part of the message text.


Import the data file

Enter a name for the group, select the file and confirm the import action.


Check the imported group

Go to the option AGENDA - Groups and click on the name of the group you have imported. You will see a sample of the imported contacts with all the associated details.


Access the sending form

Enter the option SEND SMS - Send agenda from the menu of your account. Here you can send bulk sendings or campaigns to the account databases.


Select recipients and sender

In the first field you must select the groups or databases to which the sending will be made. The next step is to modify the sender with a maximum of 11 characters between numbers and letters without special symbols.


Compose the message with variables

You can compose the text of the message based on templates or add links to files or web landings. In addition to including variables with contact data and additional fields:

  • - %PHONE%: contact's phone number.
  • - %GROUP%: group selected for sending.
  • - %FIELD1%,%FIELD2% ...%FIELDN%: additional contact fields.


Confirm and send

Finally you must press the Send button. Then you can confirm by checking the summary of the sending data (numbers, message, sender, day/time, etc.).


Results and sending status

You can consult and export the data of the messages sent and their status (sent, processed, delivered or error) from the sectionCampaigns,MonitoringorStatistics.

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