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Artichoke Dolls, artisanal ecommerce

Communication with eCommerce clients: change in status and delivery of orders with parcel tracking.

Watch the interview with Artichoke Dolls

Interview with Lilith from Artichoke Dolls who explains to us how she uses LabsMobile services to monitor and promote her online business.

Artichoke Dolls is an online shop selling a series of cloth dolls representing important women in history, which brings positive role models to little ones and foments awareness of female figures.

Artichoke Doll's online shop has been integrated with LabsMobile through an API which automatically sends notifications and other customer communication. Every message is personalized to the customer, keeping them up to date with the status of their order. This allows for, explains Lilith, direct and fluid communication with customers.

The main advantages of using SMS for Lilith is that she can contact with any one of her international customers, that it has a personal feel, that messages can be sent automatically and that the cost per message is very low.

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  • I'm really pleased with LabsMobile's API. In a few hours we were able to integrate our website and CRM and send SMS text messages.
    Hosting company manager
  • Our mobile applications verify the mobile numbers of users via SMS. We regularly send SMS messages to more than 10 countries with no problems.
    Mobile application developer
  • We use the LabsMobile web application every day for sending SMS campaigns. The user interface is simple, intuitive and has all the features we need.
    Marketing director
  • We offer SMS services through our website. Thanks to the LabsMobile platform and their API, we've customized all of the applications with our brand.
    Reseller and CEO of a communications business
  • We love the web application for bulk SMS. The results and reports help us to analyze the success of the campaign.
    Communications manager of a textiles company
  • We confirm client appointments every day using text messages, to prevent no-shows. We are really happy with the price and support that LabsMobile provides.
    Beauty salon manager