Use SMS marketing campaigns this Halloween.

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    Halloween is a festival that is already a huge part of our life and yearly calendar. Every year at the beginning of November, thousands of events are organized revolving around the theme of the living dead. Creating an SMS campaign has become one of the best types of marketing campaigns to capture new users and create new clients.

    Examples of SMS campaigns

    Halloween is a time that you can use to launch “scary” or “terrifying” offers or promotions, encouraging customers to gravitate towards your brand. Depending on the type of service or product you offer, the date you create the campaign can vary from a few weeks before the night of Halloween, until a few hours before the night itself.

    For example, a costume rental company could create an SMS campaign that is made up of three messages: one a month beforehand, letting customers know that the online shop has Halloween costumes and sending them an SMS landing page. A second message could be sent two weeks beforehand including a discount code, and then a final message with last-minute offers for customers that still haven’t decided on their costume.

    An event space or venue, for example, would guarantee success if they sent SMS on the same day as the event to promote last-minute tickets with a message like, “Don’t have a plan for tonight? Use this promotional code and come to our Halloween party at half price”. Customers could access and print these discount codes via an SMS landing page, where they also have to leave their details – capturing more leads.

    The importance of SMS marketing

    LabsMobile is an SMS platform making it easy for businesses to create SMS landing pages and all types of SMS campaigns. Use LabsMobile to launch simple and easy marketing campaigns at great value for money.

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