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The increase in conversions on the arrival of the RCS.

Oct 01, 2019
The increase in conversions on the arrival of the RCS.
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RCS will replace SMS as the default messaging application on mobile phones, and by 2021, it is expected to be the world’s largest enterprise messaging platform (source).

 If it’s the first time you hear about it, don’t worry. Now is the perfect time to start researching what this technology could offer for your business.  Here is our post about what RCS actually is.

Therefore, it should not surprise us to find out that the natural successor to both email and SMS is almost here and it is called RCS (Rich Communication Service).

This service will allow a very large conversion increase by:

1- The ease of customizing the brand. Companies are going to be able to use logos, colors, images … and fully personalize messages and make them more familiar to users.

2- The sender’s status will be verifiable. This verification will be another service that brands will provide allowing customers to know and be certain that they are in touch with the official brand. 

3- The content will be enriched. It will be possible to send messages with all kinds of content to create a higher purchase and higher conversion rates.

4- Double checks in the tracking of messages will now be a great way to always know if the message has been read or not. Everyone in the communication will know where they are in the conversation.

5- There will be suggested answer buttons and actions to choose from. 

6- You will be able to combine multi channel strategies.


The increase in conversions on the arrival of the RCS.

Thus, the future of communication goes through models that will allow more interaction.