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Receive SMS answers from your online clients.

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    Today, we want to explain to you in this article how you can receive SMS in the LabsMobile Online Platform to communicate with your clients. 

    LabsMobile not only has a message sending service but also a contract service of SMS reception for your company. 

    The SMS reception service allows companies to obtain answers from their clients with different objectives. 

    Objectives of SMS message reception in LabsMobile platform

    Some of the objectives of SMS reception are: 

    1. Satisfaction surveys. One of the most common objectives to communicate with a company’s clients through the SMS message reception is to know their level of satisfaction. That is, to do satisfaction surveys. 
    2. To keep a conversation with your users. A common example is an ETT of temporal employment for a specific event. The 50 who answer the SMS first will be the ones who get the job.
    3. Communication with employees. Being able to send SMS messages on call and to receive acceptance answers or not is one of the functions used by the human resource department of some companies. 
    4. Answers to questions about a contest or participation in social networks. 
    5. Updating clients’ data. 
    6. That clients accept the conditions of a specific service.

    Receive SMS answers from your online clients

    To be able to receive these SMS after sending an SMS message campaign, it is necessary to hire a virtual number. LabsMobile virtual number is available depending on the country. This is used as an SMS sender and the recipients can send their answers to this same number. 

    The virtual numbers are of provincial format and can only be used for SMS message reception. These numbers are hired through the LabsMobile supportive staff after creating a free registration account.  

    LabsMobile clients who hire this service can see and receive the messages on the same platform or WerbsMS app. Also, it is possible to set it through LabsMobile API, if it is desired to receive it in the company’s apps. 

    The numbers for the SMS reception are not available right away but take between 2 and 3 days to be available. This has to be taken into account for the company’s objectives. 

    Receive SMS through the Internet

    Another important issue is how much the reception is. The received SMS are free of charge for the company but a low price is charged for the client and its operator. LabsMobile only charges the monthly maintenance of the virtual phone line. 

    But in addition, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to highlight that it is a service which is not available for all the countries because many senders are restricted in such a way that sending SMS messages with the hired sender to lately receive an answer cannot be possible or has an additional high price.

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