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Program for sending SMS text messages. How do they work?

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    Would you like to know how to use a program to send SMS text messages? Learn to make the most of your online marketing strategy. Text messages are an unbeatable resource to boost your business. We will explain how you can use them.

    How does a program for sending text messages work?

    1. Sign up

    First you must sign up on a platform which sends out mass mailings of text messages. Many companies offer this service through an interface that is very easy to understand, with good technical support.  

    1. Preparing your first campaign

    – Select the specific audience for the campaign. Which customers do you want to send messages to?

    – Decide how to schedule message mailings.

    – Start your campaign.

    1. Sending out your first set of messages

    Once inside the program, go to the section for creating campaigns. You must fill in several fields to design your first campaign, but you will see that this is very simple.

    – Choose the style of the message you want to send out.

    – Enter the text that will form the main body of the message.

    – Select the phone numbers to which the messages will be sent, as well as the date and time for sending them.

    – Check that you have completed the entire process properly, and set the date and time for sending out the message.

    Check the status of text messages from any device

    Program for sending SMS text messages. How do they work?

    The best thing about programs for sending out text messages is that you can track the status of your campaign on your mobile phone from anywhere. To make the task even easier, you can also send messages from a a PC. We advise you to use the desktop environment when creating the main body of texts before sending out messages, because this is safer and easier to handle than doing so on a mobile phone. Use your smartphone to check the status of messages sent out, including the opening and response rates.

    Differences between email marketing and mass mailings of text messages

    Is it better to use email campaigns or send text messages? 

    We are often asked this question, and the answer is quite simple. Neither is better than the other, but they are each based on different customer service techniques which also go through different channels.

    – Email

    Email is used more in campaigns to find new leads and in re-marketing actions which track users and encourage them to keep up to date on the latest products and trends.

    – Mass text mailings

    These are a more temporary, direct form of customer service. Confirming an appointment, making a form of payment more secure, reporting last minute changes or giving notice that a product is about to be delivered.

    At LabsMobile we are offering you a free trial of our program for sending out mass text message mailings. Promote new products, manage your appointments or launch special promotions. Check out the advantages of sending text messages for yourself, with no obligations.

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