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Know about the use of SMS for car shops.

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    SMS packages for car shops are very useful. In case you don’t know about this, this is your post. SMS are not dead still; though it’s true that most people use instant messaging today, companies can still make use of the old SMS. 

    Are you the manager of a car shop? Then keep on reading. 

    Appointment reminder via SMS and other uses

    Today, clients value every update they can receive on their mobile phones. SMS is used by banks, stores, shipping companies… Would you like to earn new clients with a new service which most car shops don’t have? Then you should go for a massive SMS sending for:

    SMS Appointment reminder: your clients will be updated about when they have to take their cars to the shop for revision and then pick it up. These immediate reminders are something they will surely thank.

    – Reminder for every revision of the vehicle: another way to provide top-notch service. Ask your clients if they wish to get a reminder, when suitable, to get all the revisions their vehicles need. For example, to examine their wheels, brakes, motor, air filters, and more Offer them an alerts system via SMS which are personalized during a certain period of time, so they can always have their car in good condition. 

    – Marketing and publicity tool: broaden your possibilities using a system of special promotions in painting, oils, and other products you offer in the shop. If you are going to offer any discounts on a special date, then the SMS for car shops are your allies.

    Know about the use of SMS for car shops.

    How much do repairs cost: thanks to SMS, you can send personalized budgets to the clients who are waiting to know what happened to their vehicles. We can tell them what they want: how much something costs, the price of different pieces, the budget of a change of color, etc.

    – Interaction with the shop’s clients: don’t forget you can use SMS to get an answer from the people we have already received. It’s a good idea to personalize a message so they get in touch with us. In this way, clients will be able to accept or not a proposed budget, ask questions or modify their appointments via SMS.

    Clients’ satisfaction: it’s always good to send a mobile message to know if the client is satisfied with the service or not. We can ask them to value the service or the professional who took care of them with a ranking from 1 to 5. So, we will know who is working most efficiently. 

    Great advantages of massive SMS for car shops 

    So, an SMS is a quick way to communicate and is less intrusive than a phone call. Every client today has a mobile device and it’s strange to find somebody who doesn’t read their messages, even if they never respond. Clients truly value these messages, because they show you spend money and care about them, reinforcing our brand image.

    With a massive sending of SMS for car shops, they will prove to be quite cheap. The investment is minimal and soon you’ll see that there are more conversions and visits to the shop.

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