Published: Sep 06, 2021
Last update: Jun 14, 2022
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Include a video in your SMS campaigns. Videos in SMS marketing? Of course!

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Include a video in your SMS campaigns. Videos in SMS marketing? Of course!
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SMS are an ideal tool to develop a digital marketing campaign. They are not just words but they are a lot more complex, with different elements to be included in the SMS. One of them is videos.

This format is not very common in text messages. Actually, it’s more widely used in other communication channels, like Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. However, they can also be incorporated into your SMS. Discover the advantages of doing so and include a video in your SMS to increase their reach (and success!).

What benefits do videos in SMS marketing bring about?

With our LabsMobile platform, you’ll be able to incorporate videos in your SMS marketing campaign using an SMS Landing (that is, a short URL that takes you to a video on a page that was specially designed for this). It’s not a typical resource, but it can give you a lot of benefits.

1The first one of them is getting more interactions with clients. Through videos, you can gain more trust from them. You can understand and analyze the numbers related to the campaign in our control panel. 

2 Another benefit is to increase your conversion rate. Every SMS marketing campaign has an objective to be achieved. For this, the message has a call to action using text. Accompanying it with a video can help you reach that objective.

3 This resource is also useful to improve your brand image. By adding a video instead of plain text, you show your clients your company is committed, wants to grow, and is involved with its public.

Examples of videos in SMS Marketing 

There are many types of videos that can be added to messages. This depends exclusively on the use and objective of the campaign. For example, to increase the sales of a product, to inform your clients, to improve your relationship with users, among others.

  • Videos in SMS can be used to inform about upcoming products or services. For example, if you are launching a new product, you can show its features visually.
  • You can also send tutorials to teach clients how to use a product. If this is complex, such as using a technological device, the video will be helpful to understand how it works.
  • Send a presentation of the best moments of an event carried out by the company, like a Christmas party or a charity event.
  • Incorporate videos to congratulate your clients or subscribers. For example, send them a video message whenever an anniversary or birthday is coming. This is a nice gesture that helps you strengthen the relationship between company and client by showing real interest.
  • By the end of the year, you can send a video with a summary of the main actions carried out during this time at the company, highlighting the most important moments. In this way, you’ll show you are committed, growing, and working to make the brand better.

Include a video in your SMS campaigns.

Incorporating videos in your SMS is not a common resource but it can prove to be very effective. With LabsMobile, you can send them without any issues and you’ll also be able to monitor each metric to ensure the success of your campaigns.