Published: Jun 07, 2022
Last update: Jun 08, 2022
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Discover the new LabsMobile service: Premium Plan Support

Discover the new LabsMobile service
Discover the new LabsMobile service: Premium Plan Support
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LabsMobile launches its new service, Premium Plan Support. Through this high-quality service, it seeks to further improve its proposal, given the high competition in the market.

This Premium support service offers direct and improved communication between users and LabsMobile, as well as many extra features. This is not all, but accounts with high billing will receive this function completely free of charge and automatically.

On the other hand, those who do not reach this category will be able to pay and obtain the service on their demand with an offer with a minimum duration of 6 months.

What benefits does the Premium Support Plan offer?

As its name indicates, the Premium Support service is of high quality. High-billing customers will receive all kinds of benefits for free, starting with direct communication with the company. A particular Key Account will be granted, which will function as an interlocutor.

The first of the advantages is the priority in the support. Any type of technical or administrative query will be attended to immediately by the team, with total priority over other clients. Communication can be by WhatsApp chat, email, or phone call. This last option is very important since it is offered for the first time and is exclusive to the new service.

You can also access consulting and advice. In the first place, you will be able to request and receive information about new products or services that are launched on the market or that are about to be released.

Regarding advice, clients will receive once a year a document that shows the study of their shipments and their general activity on the platform. This study will provide different recommendations and good practices that the client can follow to improve their performance, focused on their specific case.

There is also room for a training session. It is an exclusive plan, made up of three sessions a year, which the user can request whenever he wants – with some time in advance. This training includes all the functions offered by LabsMobile and the SMS channel in general.

Finally, large accounts will be able to enjoy the new Database Management tool. They will be able to optimize their database in a simple, fast, and effective way, from:

  • removal of duplicate numbers
  • wrong numbers
  • invalid numbers
  • numbers that have been unsubscribed
  • and more options.

Discover the new LabsMobile service: Premium Plan Support

How to get this service?

Previously, we have mentioned that large accounts will receive the Premium Support service 100% free of charge. In this category, those customers who invoice more than €6 per day or €180 per month enter

These accounts will be named Premium automatically, that is, the user does not have to do any management. Through an email, they will be notified of the new service and their Key Account will be assigned.

What happens to those clients who do not reach this level, but who want to access the Service? Well, no problem, they can pay for the service on their request and receive it in their accounts.

The price of Premium Support is €80 per month and requires a permanence of at least 6 months. For contracting, you can communicate by email requesting the service with the account data.

Request your Premium Support today

The competition and the market are constantly growing. From LabsMobile, we always seek to provide the best service, and therefore, the constant expansion with new tools. This is the case with Premium Support.

It offers a lot of benefits, and best of all, large accounts will be listed as Premium and will receive it for free!