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Logistics Retail SMS services Transport Nov 26, 2021

Benefits of SMS in the logistics sector

Recently, online purchases have been becoming more and more popular. People choose to buy from the comfort of their home and have them deliver to their addresses. This makes companies pay more attention to their logistics department. With the holiday season and Black Friday coming, purchases increase and the delivery of packages becomes more important….

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Ecommerce Marketing Retail SMS Marketing Apr 19, 2021

What is a call to action in SMS?

Today, SMS are powerful tools when it comes to digital marketing. This happens because the message goes straight into a person’s mobile phone and they open it instantly, differentfrom email marketing where the person may not even notice they are getting communications because they don’t access their inbox.  SMS Marketing is used by many companies…

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Catalogue SMS
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Restoration Retail SMS Marketing May 19, 2020

Send catalogs via SMS to your clients

Messages between a company and its clients are very important and, because of that, sending catalogs via SMS is a communication strategy that can be very favorable to promote your business. This type of message is instant and efficient. This way, it can achieve many more users than by sending publicity using the mail, as…

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