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LabsMobile news Jan 11, 2016

SMS with the MailSMS API from LabsMobile

Sending bulk SMS is now easier and faster than ever with the SMS API from LabsMobile. Register for free and send up to 50,000 SMS per day.  What is the MailSMS API?  It is the easiest and fastest method of sending SMS messages on the market. All you have to do is send an email,…

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Article Sending bulk SMS using any programming language
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LabsMobile news Dec 09, 2015

Sending bulk SMS using any programming language

Sending bulk SMS messages using the most popular programming languages is now possible thanks to the LabsMobile API. Take a look at how to set it up on our website. The LabsMobile API will help you to communicate with your clients, providers and whoever else you want. You’ll only need to look at the code examples…

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