Published: Dec 15, 2021
Last update: Jun 13, 2022
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Buy SMS packages and schedule sendings not to bother your clients

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Buy SMS packages and schedule sendings not to bother your clients
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SMS are one of the best options available today to communicate with your clients. Be it selling campaigns or important information, you’ll be sure that your clients receive and read your messages almost instantaneously. And sending an SMS is not only about writing but they also have different tools and a superior complexity to guarantee the success in your communications. 

One of the available alternatives is to schedule text messages to be sent automatically at a certain date and time. In this way, you’ll make sure not to bother your clients with a message late at night, for example. When you buy SMS packages, it’s possible to carry out massive campaigns with time and leave them ready. In LabsMobile, we offer all the features you’ll need to carry this out. Let’s see how. 

The process to schedule SMS

It’s very easy to program messages to be sent in the future. Once you buy an SMS package, you only have to go to a sending form. In the inferior part of the window, you’ll find a calendar where you can select a day, together with the timetable you prefer. Once chosen, it will be saved until the time comes. 


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There’s a special section where you can find “scheduled” messages together with all the details about those pending SMS. You’ll also find those that have been sent with success. 

Scheduling SMS also brings about different benefits, such as: 

    • Making bureaucratic tasks more agile.
    • The possibility of staying ahead of busy dates like Christmas or Black Friday.
    • It’s a very useful technique to notify clients about the delivery of their products. Instead of doing so in the moment, you can leave it scheduled ahead. 
    • It can bring about time savings, because SMS can be scheduled massively and not just individually. 

The ideal schedule for sending SMS

The schedule is not an unimportant matter when carrying out an SMS marketing campaign. When you schedule messages for a specific date, you also need to consider the time. The idea is for clients to take action (buying a product, subscribe to a service, complete a poll, etc) but you should not bother him or interrupt their routine. 

There are two times you should always avoid:

  • On the one hand, very early in the morning. Waking up your clients with a message will produce the contrary effect to what you are looking for.
  • On the other hand, very late at night. People who are going to bed (or who are already sleeping) will most probably not see the message or will do it the next day without paying enough attention.
  • Weekends are also not ideal. People use this time to rest, relax, and carry out leisure activities in general, so they don’t pay attention to promotional SMS. One exception to the rule are those promotions or discounts dedicated exclusively to Saturdays and Sundays.

In general, it’s recommended to send SMS from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 19:00 or 20:00. In this way, you’ll reach your desired objective in a schedule most people use their phones a lot.

Buy SMS packages and schedule them so as not to bother your clients

In the LabsMobile control panel, you’ll not only be able to schedule your SMS but you’ll also find all the information about the campaign you need to analyze your results, especially if you send SMS in different timetables. In this way, you’ll know how to improve future results even more. Contact us today and get to know more about our platform and everything it offers!