Published: Mar 14, 2017
Last update: Jun 28, 2022
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Amazon to use drones for its deliveries, monitored using SMS messages


Amazon has created a delivery tracking service based on sending SMS messages using the shortcode.

Amazon is one of the world’s leading ecommerce companies, placing emphasis on immediacy and punctual delivery. For make the delivery process even more efficient, Amazon is considering utilizing drones, and to cement confidence and reputation among its clients, it provides a service based on SMS marketing which allows customers to get updates any time on the status of its deliveries – which has been a success in the United States.

Amazon has created a delivery tracking service based on sending SMS messages using the shortcode 262966, compatible with a large number of mobile telephone numbers that operate in the United States. To use the service, you have to sign up to Amazon or update the settings on your Amazon account if you already have one.

To access the service, the web page asks users to enter their mobile phone number and accept the terms and conditions, a fundamental requirement to protect privacy but also so that the user understands how their personal data may be used.

Tracking, a useful service for transport companies

Monitoring the status of deliveries, or tracking, began on the websites of travel companies. Amazon carries out this process by sending SMS messages from the moment that the products leave the warehouse all the way to the customer’s address. SMS messages are sent during standard hours: from 7 in the morning to 8 in the evening PST (in the USA there are four time zones, plus Alaska and Hawaii).

However, there are limitations, as some collaborating departments (Amazon Marketplace Sellers and Amazon Merchants) are not covered by this tracking service with SMS messaging.

The registration process for Amazon tracking services

In the each customer’s user account they can enter their telephone number. Then a message appears asking them to send an SMS message to their mobile to proceed with the registration confirmation, which is as simple as replying to the message with the word YES.

Once the registration process has been processed, Amazon confirms this with a message announcing that that client is now available to use the tracking service with SMS. If the user needs additional information, they can send a message with the word HELP, and if they want to unsubscribe to the service, they can send one with the word STOP.

Users can change the mobile phone they receive alerts in their user account, which will instigate a new confirmation process by sending and receiving SMS messages from Amazon to the user.

Amazon notifies of delivery using SMS messages

How often and when the Amazon delivery service sends SMS messages can be decided by the user. Messages can be sent for a number of reasons:

  • When the goods have left the Amazon warehouse for delivery
  • When the goods have been delivered with success
  • When the goods couldn’t be delivered for some reason.

Messages are always sent accompanied by a link to a website for mobile, which allows clients to have the exact delivery details at their fingertips, such as the day and time, but also any other information that’s specified during the registration process.

Amazon even anticipates the possibility that of the goods arriving before the alerts, and they warn about potential problems with coverage.